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Chanakya Hindi Serial Volume 1 of 8

Chanakya Hindi Serial Volume 1 of 8


Chanakya Hindi Serial Volume 1 of 8


Chanakya Hindi Serial Volume 1 of 8 VOLUME 1

Episode 1 King Dhanananda, the last heir to the Nanda Dynasty rules the throne. Supriya, a Devis son Angadh has been missing for a few days. Minister Wakranas blames Shaktar when a gold coin missing from the salary of the workers in the palace.

Episode 2 Shishupal informs Shaktar of the new taxes being imposed by King Dhanananda. The order of appointing officials for the collection of taxes on wood, gum, stone, leather, etc.

Episode 3 Milind discovers Shaktar scattering gold coins that were robbed by the king. Milind imprisons Shaktar and his sons. Chanak goes out to the streets of Patliputra, urging the people of the town to revolt and fight against Dhanananda.

Episode 4 Vishnu learns about his mothers death. Due to his fasting, Chanak passes away in the prison. Wakranas tells the guard to keep his death a secret. Shaktar is released and is offered the post of Prime Minister again.

Episode 5 Vishnugupta gains entry into the caravan advancing towards Taxila. he is asked to stay behind and accept the post of a teacher in politics. The king of Kekaya Parwateshwar has spread an elaborate spy system in Taxila. Ambhi orders Sinharan to attack the border of Kekaya.

Episode 6 In a secret meeting, Parwateshwar orders his ministers to attack Taxila. Sushen is accused of being a traitor. Sinharan is being overcome by alcohol and we see the army of Kekaya riding towards Taxila.

Chanakya Hindi Serial Volume 1 of 8

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  1. Ram kumar karki

    it’s true story!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed

  2. Its a well researched program, everything looks apt…accept the Raj mahal and mahasabha looks a bit Odd.

  3. can you please upload shri krishna ramanand sagar full of more than 1 hour episodes and alif laila in hq

  4. He said Anga Pradesh at 1:58, not Andhra Pradesh, there was no states like today in India then.

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